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Old Farther Tyne at Tynemouth

We were back to the very calm mouth of the Tyne for the Sunday League in July. Crews raced over roughly 300 metres alongside the North Pier.

It ran a bit earlier than usual, which caught out Big Al and his photos. Registration was at 09:45, draw at 10:00 and the first race was off pretty sharp after that.

Thank you to everyone at Tynemouth RC who organised and ran the event. It was a great day, which we heard lots of people really enjoyed. Thank you especially to Dave and Nina for organising and arranging all the volunteers at the club.


On the open side DARC Dynasaurs (DUR) still hold top spot of the League; however they didn’t have the best day yesterday. Club mates in the DARC’n Dandy (DUR) team took top honours for the day winning all 4 races, a fantastic achievement for the team who haven’t won more than 2 at other events. In joint second place were 3 teams all with 3 points. Tyne Young Boys (TYN) , Wreckology (TEE) and Hexocet Missiles (HEX).

All this means that DARC Dynasaurs still hold onto the top with 14 points and Old Farther Tyne Still hold second (however having lost their novices will not be progressing higher), In joint 3rd place are DARC’n Dandy (DUR), Tyne Young Boys (TYN) and Wreckology (TEE).

Full open table after five rounds is as follows…

DARC Dynasaurs (DUR)                         14
Old Farther Tyne (TYN)                            10
Wrekology (TEE)                                       9
Tyne Young Boys (TYN)                             9
DARC’n Dandy (DUR)                                9
Talkin Comets (TTA)                                 7.5
Hexocet Missiles (HEX)                              6
Four Oarsman of the Apocalypse (HEX)    3
DARC Golden     (DUR)                              1
Tynemouth Tigers (TYM)                            1
Aireheads 2 (BRD)                                   0.5
Go Rio (CLS)                                              0
DARC Delight (DUR)                                  0

On the women’s side of the event, Teeslicious (TEE) took top honours for the day, winning all 4 races and importantly winning their Race against Tyney Temp-Oar (TYN) moving them up to joint top spot with 14 points. Wrecklomania (TEE) took 3rd place on the day with 2.5 points after a dead heat with Prisculla Queen of the River (HEX)

Full women’s league table after 5 rounds is as follows…

Tyney Temp-Oar (TYN)                            14
Teeslicious (TEE)                                     14
We’ar Winners (DUR)                              11
Prisculla Queen of the River (HEX)         9.5
DARC Demons (DUR)                              7
Wreklomania (TEE)                                 6.5
Go ‘Wit’ the Flow (DUR)                           4
DARCerr (DUR)                                       3
Just Talkin (TTA)                                      0

The next event will be Tees on the 3rd of August and is a sculling skills event. Map out by mid-July for crews to view.

Please note James will not be taking entries for the next event; he will confirm who will be when he posts out a reminder for entries for the next event.

Photos of the day here… https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.734175023292978.1073741873.186646934712459&ty pe=3

Sunday League 2014 - Round 5

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Tynemouth - 6 July 2014