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Explore Series - Round 8 - Tyne - 7 October 2018

TURC Ducks and Tyne of Your Life sharing the honours in the women’s comp and Barcing Mad, open winners


Event report


The eighth and last round of the Northern Region Explore Series 2018 was held at Tyne ARC on Sunday 7 October. It was a Sculling Splash and Dash competition and ran in at times quite wild water.  Fortunately the conditions downstream were better, so the course was reversed and moved to run through the bridge back upstream from NUBC after an hour and we finished OK.


Coming in to this round Barcing Mad (Berwick ARC) led the open league by 5 points from Tynemouth Buoys (Tynemouth RC) and only had to turn up at Tyne and race to win. In the women’s competition, Tyne of your Life (Tyne ARC) opened one point behind TURC Ducks (Tyne United RC), so either could have won.


After some excellent racing in the breezy conditions the winners on the day in the open competition were Tynemouth Buoys with a maximum 8 points, second Barcing Mad on 7. In the women's competition Tyne of your Life also gained the maximum 8 points; TURC Ducks were 1 point behind on 7, having been beaten by Tyne in the best race of the day. Gateshead CRC got an official commendation for its novice crew surviving (and enjoying?) the rough conditions


This meant the overall winners in the open league were Barcing Mad, with Tynemouth Buoys second. There was a tie between TURC Ducks and Tyne of your Life in the women's league and the two women’s teams will share the trophy across the river.

Thanks to all at Tyne ARC for providing hospitality.


Full results available    


Results and scores from the final round are here as a pdf or click on the image below for a larger jpg. The final league tables (with round winners indicated in yellow) are here as a pdf.


Last updated 09-10-18


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