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Northern Rowing, with the help of a great number of friends, has produced an interesting historical time-line of North East Rowing.

From the early days of initial boat races, right up to the latest showcase events, and from the early innovative designs and inventions, recording their place in history, to our world renowned professional and amateur rowers who have made a significant mark.

Please feel free to offer any items towards this Time Line. It has not been added to for some time and we would welcome any inputs.

DARC has its own timeline, which can be accessed on its site here

North East Rowing News - archive
Before the advent of the internet, the region was well served by a hard copy newsletter, produced first by Chris Kenyon and then by Ken Hastie. Scans are being made of these and here are the random results so far. Some things change and others don’t! All are pdfs of between 500kb and 2Mb. More to follow.

No 05 - January 1974
No 09 - April 1975
No 10 - October 1975
No 17 - November 1978
No 20 - November 1984
No 25 - October 1986
No 43 - October 1990
No 48 - Apr 1992
No 50 - January 1993
No 51 - June 1993
No 68 - June 1998

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