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Tees Rowing Club held the 6th round of the Sunday League in the North East in a blustery south wind and challenging conditions. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out on the day especially Linda who led and organised everyone.

The Open side of the competition was thrown wide open as DARC Dynasaurs (DUR) who led into the event by 4 points now only lead by 1 point as they failed to finish in the top 4. Wrekology (TEE) now sit in second place with 13 points after finishing first with a time of 6:29. Tyne Young Boys (TYN) moved up into third place overall after finishing second with a time of 6:45. The league is still wide open as Tees Rowing Club attempts to retain the Open Cup for the third year in a run. They still have to overcome DARC Dynasaurs who will be going for Durham ARC’s first overall victory of either League.

The Women’s event was just as exciting with Teeslicious (TEE) now moving two points clear of Tyney Temp-Oar (TYN). The Tyne crew had some issues with the buoy turn and backing on in their first attempt which cost them a vital point in the League. It’s building up to what will be a close finish as Tyne Rowing Club are going for a first overall league win and Tees wanting to take the Women’s Cup back after Hexham Rowing Club took it in 2013.

Pictures are at www.facebook.com/alasdhair.johnston/photos_albums

Overall times for the day (will format shortly)

Category Time 1 Time 2 Total Time Points

TEE Wrekology 07:05 06:29 13:34 4

TYN Tyne Young Boys 07:29 06:45 14:14 3

HEX Hexocet Missiles 07:49 07:11 15:00 2

DUR DARC & Dandy 07:12 07:54 15:06 1

DUR DARC Dynasaurs 07:58 08:23 16:21 0

TYM Tynemouth Tigers 10:18 10:53 21:31 0

DUR DARC Delight 14:41 15:09 29:50 0


TEE Teeslicious 07:21 07:00 14:21 4

HEX Prisculla Queen of the River 07:53 07:19 15:12 3

TYN Tyney Temp-oar 08:42 07:12 15:54 2

DUR DARC Demons 08:03 07:51 15:54 2

TEE Wreklomania 08:40 07:33 16:13 0

DUR DARCerr 09:02 07:42 17:24 0

This leaves the top 3 places as follows…

Open League
14 DARC Dynasaurs (DUR)
13 Wrekology (TEE)
12 Tyne Young Boys (TYN)

Women’s League
18 Teeslicious (TEE)
16 Tyne Temp-Oar (TYN)
12.5 Prisculla Queen of the River (HEX)

Full league table after Round 6 is at foot of page.


Skills that were tested were:

1. Square blades from upstream end of club apron until the end of the boat mid river upstream (about 200m) then go feathered and row around. The square blading as whole crew or with two people sitting out and two rowing.

2. Row downstream a further 250m and stop opposite the club landing. Do a 360 deg spin on the spot.

3. Row about another 200m and do a 180 deg turn or spin round the buoy mid river, then back paddle onto the buoy from upriver ; the cox then to hold onto buoy for 5 seconds. Move away from the buoy, do another 180 deg turn, row about 50m downstream and round a white buoy just before the Infinity Bridge and stop pointing upstream towards the club.

4. Stroke and bow will then swap blades. The full procedure entails stroke taking out both their blades and passing to bow and bow will do the same and pass to stroke. This has to be done with both port and starboard blades. Once complete start rowing again close to the clubhouse side of the river about another 150m.

5. Once across the finish line at the steps, emergency stop and 10 rigger dips (I.e. 5 to stroke-side and 5 to bow-side) - not blade slaps as per map. Time ends when rigger dips are complete.

This page last updated on 05-09-14.

Sunday League 2014 - Round 6

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Tees - 3 August 2014

Scores after Round 6:



DARC Dynasaurs (DUR)  


Wrekology (TEE)


Tyne Young Boys (TYN)


Old Farther Tyne (TYN)


DARC’n’Dandy (DUR)


Hexocet Missiles (HEX)


Talkin Comets (TTA)


Four Oarsman of the Apocalypse (HEX)


DARC Golden (DUR)


Tynemouth Tigers (TYM)


Aireheads 2 (BRD)  


Go Rio (CLS)


DARC Delight (DUR)


Teeslicious (TEE)


Tyney Temp-Oar  (TYN)


Prisculla Queen of the River (HEX)


We’ar Winners (DUR) 


DARC Demons (DUR) 


Wreklomania (TEE) 


Go ‘Wit’ the Flow (DUR) 


DARCerr (DARC)  


Just Talkin (TTA)