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* Sunday League 2019 - home page    * Round 1 - Tyne ARC      * Round 2 - Durham

* Round 3 - Berwick     * Round 4 - Tynemouth (cancelled)      * Round 5 - Hexham

* Round 5 - Ebchester




This is to be a sweep skills event.. Each crew will row twice over a predetermined course, carrying out skills on the way round.


The skills exercises will be as follows (and see map below for course):

1.  10 alternate blade slaps *

2.  360 degree spin on the spot

3.  Turn 180 degrees round the buoy, back on to it and cox hold for 5 seconds

4.  Emergency stop followed by 10 rigger dips (5 each side)

5.  Outside arm only (inside arm on your head) and square blades to the finish

* Whole crew have their blades in their laps so that the feathered spoons are in the air. The crew rocks the boat so that the spoons on one side slap the water, then they rock the other way so the other side hits the water and so on, all the while keeping hands/handles in their laps. 5 slaps each side, 10 in total (same with rigger dips).

Each crew gets 2 runs at the course and the fastest combined time for the two rounds determines the outcome.

There are a couple of videos of the Sunday League at Talkin Tarn from 2014 produced by James Andrews at
https://youtu.be/HH7_VWocjIs and https://youtu.be/UXuLIJGkgZU
(crews were asked to do the second round wearing blindfolds but we won't be doing that this time!)
There's also a video of James demonstrating rigger dips and blade slaps on




1st gets 4+4 = 8 pts
2nd gets 4+3 = 7 pts

3rd gets 4+2 = 6 pts

4th gets 4+1 = 5 pts


All others taking part get 4 pts




Usual timing:

Register 11.00am onwards

Draw for order at 11.30am

Start at 12 noon

Finish by 4.00pm




Entries by the preceding Wednesday on the form downloadable on the series home page.



Page last updated on 10-08-19.

Sunday League - Round 7 - Talkin Tarn - 1 September 19