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Explore Series 2016 - home page

League table - after 5 rounds  

Round 1 - Tyne United

Round 2 - Hexham

Round 3 - Tees

Round 4 - Berwick

Round 5 - Tynemouth








Explore Series - Round 6 - Talkin Tarn - 7 August 2016


Cancelled (at 17:00 on 6 Aug) due to high wind forecast


Event details


The event now cancelled was to have been a sweep skills challenge. In this each crew would have rowed twice over the course.


The course map is on the right (click on image for larger version). Skills comprise:

1.  10 alternate blade slaps *

2.  360 spin on the spot

3.  Row round and back onto a buoy.

    Then hold for 5 seconds.

4.  Emergency stop followed by 10 rigger


5.  Outside arm only (inside arm on your

     head) square blades to the finish.


 * Whole crew have their blades in their laps so the spoons are in the air. The crew rocks the boat so that the spoons on one side slap the water, then they rock the other way so the other side hits etc all whilst keeping hands/handles in their laps. 5 slaps each side, 10 in total (same with rigger dips).


Usual timing is: register at 11.00am onwards, draw at 11.30am, start at 12 noon and finish by 4.00pm


The entries for the cancelled event were as below (click on image for larger version).


Page last updated 5.30pm on 06-08-16.

entries tarn 2016 v2.jpg