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Sale of NRC Singles - update 14-10-17


Update as at 6.00pm on 14-10-17


We have provisionally sold seven - the three boats left are 108, 109 and 110. All are priced at £1100. Sale is open to individuals or clubs. Details are on the updated pdf here.


Conditions of sale are outlined below:

  All boats/riggers/seats/shoes are sold with no guarantee

  Descriptions give the general condition and do not detail every fault.

  No liability is accepted by NRC or officers for damage not detailed in the description.

  The boats are not open to offers and they are offered for sale at the fixed price point.

  Boats must be bought by a club to ensure they benefit the most rowers.

  Individuals can only purchase a boat if there are any left after a period of 2 weeks from the day of advert, i.e. now (14-10-17).

   The boats will be sold to the first response by email to Pauline Higgins (ghiggins20@aol.com) stating the number of the boat of interest.

  An initial limit of one boat per club although clubs could express a desire to buy more than one.

  A club would only be able to buy a second boat if after a period of 7 days from the day of advert there are boats remaining.

  We would expect payment to NRC before collection (Cheque payable to ‘Northern Rowing Council’).

  Collection to be arranged by contact with Pauline Higgins.