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Long Distance Sculling series - Autumn 2019


Poster - click here   


Durham LDS & SBH on 9 Nov 19 cancelled due to elevated river levels - fuller details below

*   There were associated but independent SBHs  with sweep (pairs and fours) in the afternoons at Tees, Tyne, Wansbeck and Durham - see the host clubs’ own web sites for details of the SBHs.



Day and date


South Hylton LDS

4750 m

Sat 05 October 19


Tees LDS  (plus SBH in afternoon) *


Sat 12 October 19

10:15 (14:30)

Tyne LDS  (plus Tyne Utd SBH in afternoon)  *


Sat 19 October 19

10:30 (14:30)

Berwick LDS (one division)


Sat 26 October 19


Wansbeck LDS (plus SBH in afternoon) *


Sat 2 November 19

10:00 (14:00)

Durham LDS (plus Autumn SBH in afternoon) *


Sat 9 November 19

08:30, 10:30, 12:45 & 15:00

Individual competition details


South Hylton LDS - 5 October 2019


This was hosted by City of Sunderland RC. Distance 4750m. Start 11:00. Single division; no associated SBH. Limit of 100 entries.   


Competition documents:

* Risk assessment     * Safety plan       * Competitor instructions   * Course map     * Start order    

* Provisional results

* Final results as pdf and xlsx and results by boat and by gender/boat


Tees LDS & SBH - 12 October 2019  


The LDS was hosted by Tees RC, who also ran the afternoon SBH. Distance 5000m. LDS 10:30 and SBH 14:30 start. Entries for the LDS were capped at 200 and this limit was reached on 30 September, when entries were suspended. Formal close was at 19:00 on 05-10-19. Run in lovely conditions!


See the Tees RC web site for details of the SBH including the start order with boating times, but LDS and SBH pre-competition documents were shared as follows:


* Safety plan      * Safety and race instructions       * Course map

* Steering guidance     * Spectator guidance      * Car parking locations

* LDS start order v2 as  pdf  and as  xlsx      * Final LDS results as pdf issued 16-10-19       


Tyne LDS & Tyne United SBH - 19 October 2019    


The LDS was hosted by Tyne ARC with help from Tyne United RC & Newcastle University BC. The afternoon SBH was organised by Tyne United RC - see their SBH page. Distance for both was 4500m. LDS started 10:30 and SBH 14:30. Entries for the LDS are capped at 160 and this limit was reached on 30 September, when entries were suspended. Formal close was at 19:00 on 12-10-19.   


Pre-competition documents were shared by LDS & SBH:

* Safety plan       * Instructions for crews      * Course map


For LDS only:      

* Start order v2 as  xlsx  and  pdf  issued 11:00 18-10-19

* Start plan    * Finish plan     * Bank monitor location map       * Car parking advice

* Provisional results issued on the day  as  xlsx  and  pdf   


Berwick LDS - 26 October 2019    


Hosted by Berwick ARC. Single division; no associated SBH. Boating from Tweed Green (Blakewell Road), Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 2HG. Limit of 70 entries. Distance a long 5000m. Start time 1:30pm. Boating started at 12 noon (one hour later than originally planned). A lovely day - why did more people not come? Sunny, cool a little wind from west and a little rough in places, but overall great. Best/worst bit was the landing stage floating away just as boats finished. We had to bring them in on the small ramp by the war memorial just though the bridge - actually quicker but people had to wade!


Competition documents:

* Course map      * Competitors instructions       * Boating instructions    * Risk assessment  

* Start order as pdf and xlsx  - actually one hour late than shown

* Results as pdf and xlsx


Wansbeck LDS and SBH - 2 November 2019      


Hosted by  Cambois RC. The LDS is in the morning (10.00amstart) and the Small Boats Head in the afternoon run by Cambois RC (2.00pm start) . Distance 3500m (?).


Competition documents for LDS/ and SBH:

* Risk assessment      * Safety instructions      * Course map      * Parking locations

* LDS start order as xlsx and pdf

* LDS provisional results as xlsx and pdf

* SBH provisional results as xlsx and pdf


Durham LDS & Autumn SBH - 9 November 2019    


These competitions were cancelled due to rain over previous days and persistent high river levels on the Friday. As notified at 11.30am on 8 Nov 19


There were to have been four ‘divisions’ on the day, so as to allow more crews to row . An extra round was introduced to run 08:30am for Durham- based crews only in both LDS and SBH competitions - called Div 1 in the instructions document downloadable below.


At 10:30 the rest of the LDS crews were to have raced in what was called Div 2 in the instructions. Then the SBHwas to have run in two further parts, Div 3 at 12.45 and Div 4 at 15:00. But we never got the chance to see how it would have worked.


Competition documents:

* Instructions for competitors, including course map and start marshalling plan

* Start order for LDS as pdf and xlsx  

* Start order v2 for SBH as pdf and xlsx   


Cancellation - statement from organisers 11.30am on Friday 8 Nov19:


Dear all,


Having reviewed the river levels this morning we have taken the decision to cancel the Durham LDS & SBH races. Whilst the rises in river levels have been minimal the predicted fall is not sufficient to give us a realistic chance of being able to run safe and fair racing on Saturday.


In line with our cancellation policies we will refund a portion of entry fees. Our terms and conditions of entry states that we will refund 50% of entry fees. However in this instance with a cancellation before race day we have been able to reduce unavoidable costs. Thus we intend to make a 90% refund of entry fees for both LDS and SBH races.


We had hoped to be able to run a full series this year but sadly that is not to be the case. We look forward to welcoming you again in 2020.


Finally we send our thoughts to our friends in the Yorkshire region. The weather around Sheffield and Doncaster has been atrocious over the past 24 hours. We hope that everyone is safe and well there.


Best Regards


Richard and Mark on behalf of the LDS & SBH teams.


Getting in touch


Queries about all aspects of the LDS series including entries and results should go to lds@nerowing.com. Any questions specifically to do with how this page works (or not) should be directed to Colin Percy at info@nerowing.com.  


This page last updated at 11:30 on 08-11-19

River levels on the Wear in the run up to the Durham LDS & SBH day


2019 programme


The 2019 poster is downloadable as a pdf. Host clubs were responsible for SBH details and these were also separate on BROE.


Series background


The Northern Rowing Council, with the help of host clubs, runs the Long Distance Sculling (LDS)  series every autumn. In 2019 we aimed to have six events over six consecutive weekends, as listed below. But we do get cancellations and in 2019 it was the last in the series at Durham.


The LDS series is for sculling boats only - singles, doubles and quads (and octuplets where indicated on the poster). They are open to all age groups and categories. In 2019 there were to have been associated but independent SBH (Small Boats Head) events with sweep in the afternoon on four of the six days, but again Durham was cancelled.