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* There were two independent SBHs  with sweep (pairs and fours only) these afternoons at Tees RC and Tyne United RC - see the host clubs’ own web sites for details of the SBHs. Neither of these two events with sweep counted  towards the series awards.

** Wansbeck SBH was included on BROE as a division of the LDS, as it was run by NRC. It included sweep (pairs and fours only) and did not count towards the LDS series awards.


The LDS series 2014 poster is here.  


Event details


South Hylton LDS (04 Oct 14):

Hosted by City of Sunderland RC.  Boating times were quads from 11:00, doubles from 11:30 and singles from 12:00. Start time was due 13.00.

* Results - xls or pdf

* Final draw - xls and pdf

* Risk assessment

* Course and safety map

* Safety plan

* Safety instructions for competitors


Tees LDS (11 Oct 14):

Hosted by Tees RC. LDS start ed 10:30 and SBH 14:30. See Tees RC web site for full SBH information, but results here: xls or pdf.

* LDS results - xls or pdf

* Final draw  with boating times - xls or pdf

* Race instructions for competitors

* Safety instructions for competitors

* Steering guidance

* Safety plan

* Course map

* Car parking arrangements


Tyne LDS (morning 18 Oct 14):

Hosted by Tyne RC. Race started 10:28 (2 minutes early)! Distance 4500 m.

* Final times - xls and pdf - issued 21-10-14

* Provisional times - xls and pdf

* Final draw with boating times - xls or pdf

* Provisional draw - issued 13-10-14 - xls or pdf

* Course map

* Start finish plans

* Generic River Tyne safety map

* Instructions for competitors

* Risk assessment and safety plan - pdf or xls


Tyne United SBH (afternoon 18 Oct 14):

Organised by Tyne United RC. Race started 14:30. Distance 4500 m.

* Times - xls and pdf

* Final draw  with boating times - xls or pdf

* Provisional draw - issued 13-10-14 - xls or pdf

* Course map - as for LDS

* Start finish plans

* Instructions for crews

* Race and emergency procedures


Durham LDS (01 Nov 14):

Hosted by Durham ARC. Started 10.30am.

* Instructions for competitors, including maps etc

* Times - xls  and  pdf - as issued on 01-11-14


Wansbeck LDS incorporating Wansbeck SBH (08 Nov 14):

Hosted by Cambois RC. LDS in morning, SBH in afternoon (for times, see below).

* Finish times: LDS/SBH xls, LDS pdf and SBH pdf issued 09-11-14

* Final start orders - xls (both), pdf (LDS) & pdf (SBH) - issued 06-11-14

* Provisional draws - xls (for both), LDS pdf and SBH pdf - issued 03-11-14

* Risk assessment

* Instructions

* Long course map


This page last updated at on 28-07-15.

LDS series background


The Northern Rowing Council with the help of host clubs runs the LDS (Long Distance Sculling) series every autumn. Until fairly recently the series was run over six Saturdays in a row at six different clubs. In 2012 it was down to three, in 2013 it was back to five and we repeated that in 2014.  It may be back to six events over six weekends in 2015.


Coordinator for the series was Sarah Smith.


Victor Ludorum prizes for 2014


The prizes were presented at the NRC AGM in November 2014 by Charly Curtis.



Pauline Higgins received the trophy on behalf of Queen Elizabeth High School who won with

133 points. The runners-up were Tyne on 88 points, just ahead of Durham ARC on 87.



Dilwyn Jones received the trophy on behalf of Tees RC who won with 183 points. The runners

up were Tyne on 139, followed by Durham on 116.



Bob Young received the trophy on behalf of Chester-le-Street RC who won with 32 points. The

runners up were Tees with 28 points, followed by Cambois on 22.


2014 programme


The LDS series events were sculling only, for singles, doubles and quads, and are for all age groups and categories.


There were associated events with sweep on three of the five days - see below.


The 2014 programme comprised:

Long Distance Sculling series 2014 - archive

South Hylton LDS (one division, no SBH)

4400 m

Sat   04 Oct 2014


Tees LDS  (Tees SBH in afternoon) *

5000 m

Sat   11 Oct 2014

10:45 (SBH 14:30)

Tyne LDS (Tyne United SBH in afternoon) *

4500 m

Sat   18 Oct 2014

10:30 (SBH 14:30)

Durham LDS  (one division, no SBH)

1700 m

Sat   01 Nov  2014


Wansbeck LDS (NRC-run SBH in afternoon) **

3400 m

Sat   08 Nov  2013

9.30, 11.30 & 14.00