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Sunday League - Round 5 - Hexham- 5 July 2015   


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Event details


The fifth event in the 2015 series was held at Tyne Green, home of Hexham Boat Club, on 5 July, the day after a long session at Talkin Tarn Regatta for some (and Independence Day  barbies for others). We had excellent weather and some great close racing.   

As a one-off (maybe) we entertained Lakeland RC, with five crews racing, some rowers still in the midst of learn-to-row courses; they went home with three wins and enjoyed it greatly.

With the Lakeland input, the day saw the largest Sunday League entry ever, with 20 teams taking part in total, 12 open and 8 women’s.

In the Open League 4 crews came away with clean sweeps, UpTyne Funk (TYN), Weary Old Gits (CLS), Tynetanic (TYN) and Buoys & Gulls (TYM) meaning UpTyne Funk still hold out a 4 point lead with 12 points total at the top.  

In the women’s league none of the crews managed to get that elusive clean sweep, with every crew losing at least one race. Four crews did come away with 3 points each though with Tyneapple Chunks, (TYN), Hexhies Midnight Rowers (HEX), Great Hexpectations (HEX) and DARC Demons (DUR) all with with 3 points each, meaning Tyneapple Chunks still hold a 3 point lead at the top with 9 points.

Full tables can be found here:

Photos can be found here: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.918643061512839.1073741906.186646934712459&type=3

The next round is a skills head at Tees Rowing Club on 2 August.  

This page created 06-07-15.


Results from Hexham: