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Chester le Street - 4 May 2014


Some fantastic close racing at Round 3 of the Sunday League at Chester le Street. Hope everyone had a great day and thank you once again to all the volunteers who made the day happen.


Results from the Open side of the day. DARC Dynasaurs (DUR) and Old Father Tyne (TYN) both managed to win 4 races each with Talkin Comets winning 2. Due to Old Father Tyne only receiving half points for the day though DARC Dynasaurs have moved into second place only 1 point behind Old Father Tyne.

Current top 3 are…
Old Father Tyne (TYN) 10

DARC Dynasaurs (DUR) 9

Wrekology (TEE), Tyne Young Boys (TYN), Talkin Comets (TTA) 6

In the women’s event both We’ar Winners (DUR) and Tyney Temp-Oar (TYN) came away with 4 wins each, and DARC Demons following the charge with 3 wins. We’ar Winners and Tyney Temp-Oar stay at the top of the league with just one point in it.

Current top 3 are…
We’ar Winners (DUR) 11

Tyney Temp-Oar (TYN) 10

Prisculla Queen of the River (HEX) 8

Tyne RC and Durham ARC currently doing really well holding the top 2 positions in both leagues.

Just a reminder that the next event is at Talkin Tarn on the 1st of June. The event is the first skills event and will be in sweep boats. Please remember you will all need to bring a blindfold for use in the second time trial, a map of the course and skills required will be sent out this week. Looking forward to seeing you all there.The third Northern Region
Sunday League event in 2014 was at Chester le Street ARC on 4 May.  It is a sweep slash-and-dash. The weather was kind and there was lots of  excellent and close racing.

Photos are at www.facebook.com/northernrowing/photos_albums


Sunday League 2014 - Round 3