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The AGM on 19 November 2019


Outcomes of 2019 AGM


The AGM was held on 18 November. Draft minutes to follow. The new (though mostly re-elected) Exec Committee members for 2019-20 are:



AGM Agenda and Reports


* Formal notice with agenda

* Draft minutes from 26-11-18

* Chairman’s report - see draft minutes

* Regional Rep’s report

* Secretary’s report - see draft minutes

* Treasurer’s report - see draft minutes

* Coaching education report

* Junior rowing report

* Safety report

* LDS series report

* Events report

* Regional Umpires Committee report

* Masters rowing report

* Recreational & Explore Rowing report

* Draft format for Club Devt Conference in Jan 2020


Contact: Colin Percy, NRC Secretary, at secretary@nerowing.com


This page updated 14-02-20

British Rowing monthly reports for Regional Chairs


These reports are sent monthly to the regional chairs and secretaries, but are to be made available to all clubs and members.


November 2019


January 2020 - not issued


February 2020


British Rowing monthly safety reports


February 2020


Last added to 04-03-20