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Northern Rowing Council

Annual General Meeting

7.00pm on Monday 26 November 2018

Durham Amateur Rowing Club



Downloads (will be loaded when available):


* Formal notice with agenda - issued 21-10-18

* Draft minutes from 27-11-17 -  for approval - issued 21-10-18

* Chairman’s report

* Regional Rep’s report

* Secretary’s report

* Treasurer’s report

* Coaching education report

* Junior rowing report

* Safety report

* Para rowing report

* LDS series report

* Events  

* Chair of Regional Umpires Committee report

* Masters rowing report

* Recreational & Explore Rowing report

* Draft format for Club Devt Conference in Jan 2019


For information only:

* Constitution of the Northern Rowing Council - as agreed in 2012


Text of ‘Formal notice with draft agenda ‘(as per download above):


Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting of the NRC


Please take notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Northern Rowing Council (“the Council”) will take place at Durham Amateur Rowing Club at 7.00 pm on Monday 26 November 2018.


Representatives on Council


The Council consists of one representative appointed by each of the clubs and each of the events as affiliated to British Rowing and in the Northern Region.  Each rep has one vote on Council.  Individual members of clubs who are not reps may attend general meetings, and speak with the permission of the Chairman, but do not have a vote.  The full Council meets annually in the autumn for the AGM and as necessary otherwise for Extraordinary General Meetings.


Please could each club and event secretary inform the Secretary of their representatives to sit on Council for 2018 - 19 (i.e. 2018 AGM onwards) by 7.00pm by Friday 17 November at the latest.


Nominations for Officer posts


The business of the Council between general meetings is undertaken by the Executive Committee, comprising the Regional Chairman (elected every three years; needed this year) and Regional Representative (elected every three years; not needed this year) and Officers (elected annually) and any other persons elected or coopted as allowed for in the constitution (enclosed).  


Nominations for the posts of Officers of the Council (and thus Exec members also) should be notified to the NRC Secretary (pwalton64@sky.com) by clubs and events by 7.00pm on Friday 17 November 2018 at the latest.


The list of posts for election is shown in the draft agenda. There is no set nomination form and emails will be accepted from club or event secretaries or other equivalent post-holders.  Candidates must be paid-up members of British Rowing, a member of a club in this region (though not necessarily from the nominating club) and be a club or event rep on Council as a whole as above.  Candidates for these Officer posts need only be nominated; seconding is not needed.  The Chair of the Regional Umpires Committee is appointed externally.


Reports etc on web site


Officer reports and other documents will be posted when available at: www.nerowing.com/agm2018.html.


Draft Agenda


1. Apologies for absence

2. Approval of the minutes of the 2017 AGM as a correct record (enclosed)

3. Matters arising from the minutes

4. Regional Chairman’s report for 2017-18 (Michael Laing, St L School)

5. Officer’s reports for 2017-18 (to be posted on web site)

· Regional Representative (Gill Houston, Talkin Tarn)

· Secretary (Pamela Walton, Hexham)

· Treasurer (Alan Granlund, Durham)

· Coaching education (Eddie Bryant, Durham)

· Junior Rowing (Pauline Higgins, QE High School, & Ellie Hizzett, DU)

· Safety (John Mulholland, Tyne)

· Para Rowing (Gillian Lathan, Tees)

· Long Distance Sculling Series (Richard Mortimer, Durham)

· Events and Social Media (Colin Percy, Tyne)

· Chairman of Regional Umpires Committee (Peter Hoare, Hexham)

· Masters Rowing (Gabrielle Moore, Durham)

· Recreational and Explore Rowing (Colin Lawson, Durham)

6. Election of officers for 2018-19 (all for one year unless shown otherwise)

· Regional Chairman (for three years)

· Secretary

· Treasurer

· Coaching Education Coordinator

· Junior Rowing Coordinator & Deputy

· Regional Rowing Safety Adviser

· Para Rowing Coordinator

· Long Distance Sculling Series Coordinator

· Events Coordinator

· Masters Rowing Coordinator

· Recreational and Explore Rowing Coordinator

· Ordinary members of the Executive (at the discretion of Council)

7. Appointment of Honorary Auditor/Examiner for 2018-19

8. Presentation with demonstration of the brand new British Rowing ClubHub membership management system by Paul Lorenzato, Head of Community Development, British Rowing.

9. Club Development Conference - Sunday 29 January 2019. Please forward suggested items for programme to Ellie Hizzett  eleanor.m.hizzett@durham.ac.uk.

10. Any other business


Close of meeting


Pamela Walton

Secretary, Northern Rowing Council

Email: pwalton64@sky.com

Web site page for AGM: www.nerowing.com/agm2018.html.



If anyone would like to discuss the work of the Northern Rowing Council and its officers with a view to standing (or for any other reason), please ring the current Vice Chairman, Charly Curtis, on 0191 908 3769.


Issued 21 October 2018