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Junior Inter-Regional Regatta - 21 April 2018


Summary of results


The Junior Inter-Regional Regatta was held on Saturday 21 April 2018 at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham. Our region did well and came 7th overall out of the 12 English and Welsh regions. As we were the highest placed region out of the bottom 6 last year, we also won the Martyn Humphrys Cup (see the event notice [pdf] if you don’t understand that).


Contributing to our team coming 7th, individual athletes or crews won four medals:

WJ14 1x - Erin Temple (TYN) - bronze

J15 1x - Roman Bowery (CLS) - gold

J15 1x - Caitlin Warren (CLS) - silver

J16 4+ - Roberts/Graham/Wilson/O’Donnell/Snook (CLS) - silver.


Full results are at the event web site at http://jirr.britishrowing.org. A report on Junior Rowing News is here: http://juniorrowingnews.com/2018/04/23/team-northern-jirr-2018-review


Detailed report


As usual the Northern Region fielded a full team at this year’s event with representatives from most of the clubs in the region. Each region was allocated a gazebo pitch and everyone had been invited to base themselves at the gazebo, which we were fortunate in placing above the finish line so those who did join us had an excellent view of the final stages of each race.


The Heats were the first stage, where the target was to be in the fastest 6 crews over the 2 races. Eleven Northern crews were successful in gaining A Final places, where they were positioned to contest for a medal as awarded to the top three crews. The other thirteen crews, some who only just missed out on the A Finals went into the B Finals where their new objective was to gain the best finish position to gain maximum points for the region.


The first A Final saw the Region off to a flying start as Roman Bowery from CLS won the Gold medal and 12 points, almost 4 seconds ahead of his nearest opposition in the J15.1x. Our next medal came from Caitlin Warren, again from CLS, who gained a Silver medal in the WJ15.1x.  This was closely followed by Erin Temple from Tyne ARC who won a Bronze medal in the WJ14.1x.


These 3 medals meant that when the totals were announced after the first 6 events Northern Region were in third place. It was much later in the afternoon that a fine performance from the CLS J16.4+ (Aiden Roberts, Sam Graham, Max Wilson, Tyler O’Donnell and cox Amy Snook) added another Silver medal and a further 11 points to the regional total.


Between times crews from Durham School/Talkin Tarn (J15 4x+), Hexham (WJ14.4x+) and Durham School (J14.4x+) all boosted the score by coming in 4th place collecting 9 points each. Commiserations must go out to the J15.4x+ from Durham School/Talkin Tarn who took part in what was the most exciting final of the day, they lost out on a medal position by 0.08 secs with only 0.76 secs between them and the gold medal crew!


Successful crews deserve a special reference but congratulations should still go to all those who took part. It was evident that every crew/sculler from the Northern Region was putting everything into their race, doing their best for the Northern Team, you cannot ask for more!


Based on our finish position last year we became eligible for the newly introduced Martin Humphrys JP Cup. Our final total of 153 points placed the Northern Region in 7th place but also made us winners of this cup. I was presented with the cup by Martin himself.


Can I take this opportunity to thank all of the coaches who have spent time preparing crews for this event and particularly thank all those who gave up their time on Saturday to attend the event and support their athletes. Without the support of coaches, parents and other volunteers the whole event would not happen. Huge thanks must also go to the NRC for their financial support.


Pauline Higgins

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Crews chosen for JIRR after the regional trials


Crews who were picked after the trials and raced at JIRR (subject to any last minute subs) are as per this download:


* Crews selected and racing - xlsx


Crews who entered the regional trials and results there


The regional trials for the JIRR squad were held on Saturday 10 February 2018 at Cambois Rowing Club on the River Wansbeck. The crews for the trials and the results are downloadable here:


* Crews for trials - pdf

* Crews for trials - xlsx


* Results of trials  - pdf

* Results of trials - xlsx


A report on Junior Rowing News is here: http://juniorrowingnews.com/2018/02/14/northern-jirr-trials-review.




Our  regional contact is Pauline Higgins at ghiggins20@aol.com.


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